Kiffy box portabimbo

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Box abbinabile alle bici Kiffy con due posti per bambini.



  • Outer dimensions : 635x465x465 mm
  • Inner dimensions : 550x335x350 mm
  • Contenu : 64 liters
  • Weight : 3.7kgs
  • Front opening with tight-closing sliding door,
  • Slide-in grooves for Gastronorm containers and locking feature for stacking
  • The KÄNGABOX®Tower GN makes catering transport easy and safe
  • Slide-in grooves spaced 32
  • ideally suitable for supporting cold chains to HACCP standards
  • Dishwasher-safe to 80 °C and food-safe
  • Stackable WARNING : This product should be obligatory purchase with the Heavy Duty Front Plate.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso10 kg
Colore Kiffy box carrier





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